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The objective of today's transport policy is to offer the public a comfortable and financially attractive to the pas-senger car. It is also important to present a pleasant environment alongside the transport services themselves. It is for this reason that our company has developed and indeed sells overhead handgrips.


Tramway Astra Plastic Overhead Handgrip

Plastic overhead handgrips are a high-comfort and financially attractive addition to the interi-ors of trams, buses and other forms of local pu-blic transport. First-rate quality, high durability and attractive design are all guaranteed thanks to the use of top-quality materials.

Components that make up our plastic overhe-ad handgrips are as follows:

A special belt that is supported by fabric
A plastic grab handle and brace that are made of PA6 GF30 material
Rustproof binding material


Overhead Handgrip - DrawingOur overhead handgrips comply with all statutory norms that are valid in the Czech Republic and the European Union:

The tensile strength provided by our Overhead Handgrips is higher than 2000N
The overhead handgrips meet the requirements of DIN 5510-2 and the S1
   category of flammability



All tests were conducted by accredited Czech laboratories. A copy of the reports on these tests makes up part of the delivery.

We are able to supply overhead handgrips in a variety of colour finished.



                                         Flammability test                                     Tensile strength test

Flammability test             Tensile strength test